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Receive discounts on the products you purchase from BonVida, create an income, or both.

Only refer a few people?
If you, like most people, just tell a few friends and family about BonVida products you should still become an affiliate. Once you do we will send you a copy of the BonVida home page and host it for free. You can then give the address to that page to your friends and family. When they purchase BonVida products through that page, our software will keep track of those purchases and credit your account with 10% of the purchased products. You can then use that credit towards your own BonVida purchases, or you can let it accumulate until it's over $50 and we will send you a check.

Want to build an income?
Your home page will have its own unique URL (example: www.bonvida.biz/joandoe.htm). The address of that page is what you will give to your customers. Our software will track all purchase through your BonVida home page and credit your account with 10% of each product purchased. Keep in mind that BonVida does sell a few products from manufacturers other than itself and cannot pay commission on those products.

Once you become an affiliate we will provide you with your own copy of the BonVida home page and host it for free.

If any of your customers become a BonVida affiliate you will also receive 10% commission on the BonVida products purchased from their home page.

Be on your way to success by becoming a BonVida affiliate today!